August 29th, 30th, & 31st
Playing First @ Dusk
(approximately 7:45PM)
Followed by
(at approximately 9:30PM)
Followed by
(at approximately 11:45PM)
Into the Storm [PG-13] Guardians of the Galaxy [PG-13] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [PG-13]

The ticket booth will open at approximately 6:30PM

We are heading into the final weeks of the season!
Please remember to call the drive-in line at 207-474-9277 on the day you wish to visit for any program changes!

Admission prices are:
Adults and Children 12 & up: $7
Children 11 & younger: $4
(The Admission Price is for BOTH movies, not "each"!)

Conversion to Digital Projection - You Can Help!
If you are planning on visiting the Skowhegan Drive-In Theatre, please consider making a donation to the
Skowhegan Drive-In Theatre Fundrazr fundraising effort
to offset the cost of converting the theatre to digital projection.

Without significantly raising the cost of admission, the box office revenue alone is not sufficient for this undertaking.

And without this conversion, when 35mm film is no longer being produced, there will be no movies at the Skowhegan Drive-In Theatre.

Your help would be most appreciated.

Drive-In Policies
Pets (including Dogs!) will no longer be admitted to the Drive-In.

Please see our Polices Page for IMPORTANT information about your visit to the Skowhegan Drive-In Theatre

How much will you charge? Will you charge for infants?
The cost for admission to the theatre (typically a double-feature) will be $7 for adults & children 12 and older.
Children under twelve will be charged $4.
We do NOT charge for infants.
I want to know more, and I want it now!
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