To Our Patrons:

We recently received a certified letter from the Maine Attorney General’s office, Tobacco Enforcement Program, along with the 4 other Drive-In Theatres in our fair state.

It notified us that as an eating establishment serving food to patrons outside, we were in violation of the Maine No Smoking Law in that not only must our buildings be smoke-free, but all areas of our property, including your cars while parked on it, must be smoke-free.  It also mentions that fines will be levied against the operators of the Drive-In for every violation noticed.

Thus, effective immediately, the entire Skowhegan Drive-In must become smoke-free, even within your vehicle.  If you are discovered smoking on the property, even within your vehicle, you must cease & desist or leave the property immediately.

This includes cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and e-cigs, including all items lit or heated for inhalation.

If you have any questions or comments on this law, please contact the Maine Attorney General’s Office at  .

Thank you for your understanding.